Layla Mattress Review

Layla Mattress Review

October 18, 2018 0 By Marta

If you are looking for a flippable mattress embedded with two firmness options, then look no further than the Layla mattress. Part of the fantastic features of the mattress is the fact that is the first to utilize a copper-infused memory foam, and that can only add to the numerous benefits the mattress possesses.

I was interested in trying out the Layla mattress for myself and see how it performs. Check the detailed review below to see how the mattress performed.

Who the Layla mattress is for:

  • Side sleepers– The mattress is tailored for side sleepers, although I was comfortable sleeping on my stomach and back. As I rested on my side, there was no pressure or pain on my hips as well as my shoulders. The Layla mattress gets it right regarding overall comfort.
  • Hot sleepers in need of memory foam– The mattress is more than just a memory foam, it is designed to keep hot sleepers cool when they sleep. The mattress comes with a thermogel cover that has a cooling sensation all through the mattress. Add that to copper infusion and airflow channels in the memory foam, and you have a great cool surface to sleep on.
  • Value for money top quality foam – The quality of the foam is top notch, and at such price, it is almost at a bargain. With discount bringing the price below $800, this stands at as one of the best value for money deals.


Who the Layla mattress isn’t for:

  • A person who doesn’t want the classic memory foam characteristics– If the classic memory foam sinking characteristic isn’t your thing, then the Layla mattress might not be your thing. That sinking feeling often leaves people feeling like they are sleeping in the mattress rather than on top of it.
  • Heavy person– The mattress is just 10 inches thick, with such thickness the mattress will only be able to accommodate a person that is below 250lbs, anything above that might do severe damage to the mattress.
  • A person looking for an easily flippable mattress– it can be a burden to take the cover off the mattress and flip it over. Often, it takes about two people to get it done, and it can be a burden to achieve that.


Construction Overview

  • The mattress comes with a soft cover that is infused with thermogel. The Thermogel assists with cooling, and from using the mattress, the coolness was felt in every part of it.
  • If you move from the soft side down, there are 3 inches of copper-infused memory foam. The copper assists with cooling as well as blood circulation, and it also has antimicrobial tendencies.
  • After that, there are 2 inches of convoluted support foam. This support foam is a polyfoam transition layer embedded with pockets to assist with air circulation.
  • The core support layer is 4.5 inches of a 2lbs base foam.
  • The firm side of the foam is made up of 1 inch of copper-infused memory foam.
  • Layla mattress is Manufactured in the US.


Construction Points

  • The Layla mattress is a flippable model, which means you have a soft side and a firm side. Although the soft side will prove to be a winner amongst most people, the firm side will be beneficial to persons who sleep on their back or stomach a lot.
  • The mattress promotes cooling with the aid of the memory foam, cover, and the transition layer. The cooling feature is advantageous to hot sleepers, and people who want to have a cool surface to sleep on. Although there are lots of mattress in the market that offer a cool sleeping surface, The Layla mattress is the best option in the memory foam category in regards to sleeping on a cool surface.
  • Side sleepers along with back sleepers will love the soft side because of the thicker memory foam.
  • The firm side comes with thin memory foam, and this is a plus for stomach and back sleepers. If you have any back pain, the back side will be ideal for you to use.
  • The durability looks to be better than most mattresses in this price range. Although the durability will be questioned when the mattress is used by a heavy sleeper.

Firmness and Feel

The soft side of the mattress offers a much comfortable option, and with 3 inches of memory foam, the soft side has a cushion feel to it. The foam has the tendency to get back to shape very quickly. This was evident when it recovered after I slept on it.

The soft side is great for different body parts. When compared to other soft mattresses, it did better than average. As I slept on my side, I observed a tremendous relief in my hips and shoulders. Side sleepers will definitely love the soft side of the Layla mattress.

As I slept on my back, the memory foam was able to adjust to my body shape and provide the necessary support that I required for my hips.

The firm side of the foam has 1 inch of memory foam, so it is much firmer than the soft side, in terms of firmness, it was above the firmness average of similar mattress. This is ideal for heavy stomach sleepers.

Motion Isolation

The memory foam makes up both sides of the mattress, and this is one of the reasons why the Layla mattress did so well with motion isolation.

There is a little motion transfer with the foam, but apart from that, it does so well with motion isolation. This will make a perfect fit for couples.

Edge Support

The edge support is a bit average on the soft side. When I sit on the edge, the memory foam collapses at once, although when I lie close to the edge of the mattress, it doesn’t feel as if I will fall off.

The edge support is better on the firm side when compared to the soft side. Couples will love the option the firm side provides.

You can see the edge support in the photo below.


John’s view of the Layla mattress

We decided to use a different writer to test out the Layla in order to give you a complete view of the Layla mattress. John is also a writer for us, and he also tried out the mattress for himself and took a few notes. Whereas weigh about 160lbs, John weighs nearly 230lbs. This is what he had to say:

"I felt the softer side was above average, similar to what Joe experienced.

I am naturally a side sleeper, and I could feel the tremendous relief on my shoulders and hips when o laid on the mattress. Although when I slept on my back, I could feel my hips sinking in a bit.

The firmer side was a whole different experience, as it was the perfect side for my body size, and it also felt good when I slept on my stomach and back."

Going with what John has said, it is evident that the soft side is a better option for side sleepers, while the firm side is perfect for back or stomach sleepers.

Why you should get this mattress

  • The memory foam is a comfortable option for anyone to have, and it provides tremendous relief to sleepers without feeling like you are stuck.
  • The copper-infused memory foam is great for your health, and it also helps with blood circulation, gives you a cool sensation when you sleep.
  • The cover and foam layers are cooling and help with airflow, so you won’t be sleeping hot.
  • The mattress is a top-quality product to purchase and at that price, it is a great value to acquire. You will definitely be comfortable and having that cooling sensation when you use the mattress.

Layla Mattress



The Layla mattress is an excellent addition in any home. The copper-infused memory foam and flippable option make your sleep even more enjoyable no matter which side you choose to sleep on.

Comfort : 4.7
Support : 4.4
Value (Price) : 4.8
Doesn’t Sleep Hot : 4.5
Motion Transfer : 4.6
Edge Support : 4.2
Materials/Durability : 4.5
Company Reputation : 4.6
Return Policy/Warranty : 4.7
Overall Sleep Experience : 4.6

Unboxing the Layla mattress

The Layla mattress comes in a box. Open up the box and roll out the mattress from the box. With the aid of another person, place the mattress on your bed.

Slowly remove the first layer of plastic till you get to the mattress itself. Then carefully pierce through the last layer of plastic to expand the mattress. Allow the mattress to expand by clearing away the excess plastic.


It is an excellent option to have two firmness sides to pick from, although most sleepers will go for the soft side. Who will blame them, as the soft side is very comfortable and gives an enjoyable sleeping experience.

With that said, the firm side is still a viable option especially for heavy persons who want extra support.

Layla gives a lifetime warranty and a 120 Night trail period for this mattress.