Transform a rented flat: the bedroom

Transform a rented flat: the bedroom

December 17, 2018 0 By Marta

If you liked part one of our series following stylist Alexander Breeze as he decorates his rented London flat on a budget, you’re going to love part two. Take a look around the bedroom…



Want to know how to decorate a rented flat? Just ask us.

And if you want a masterclass in putting a personal stamp on a rental property – whatever your budget, look no further than our own Alexander Breeze.

Every month, Alexander is responsible for making our recipes look like works of art. He also penned this popular series on ceramics.

Alexander lives with his boyfriend in a purpose-built Edwardian flat in south-west London. ‘With a little creativity – and an understanding landlady – you may be surprised by what you can achieve, and on a budget,’ he says.



As with all of the other rooms in the flat, the walls of the bedroom were covered in textured wallpaper. The paint colour is ‘Olive’ by Farrow & Ball and is very matt to try to hide this as much as possible. I have to have complete darkness to sleep in – and like the sensual richness of deep, dark colours – so I decided not to fight the darkness of the room, which never sees direct sunlight, and paint it a rich colour.

The bed was cheap, unfinished pine, until I painted it. I wanted a fancy, shaped headboard for the longest time, but didn’t want to go for a padded, fabric one, so I designed this with the help of Cut Laser Cut, who specialise in – as you might imagine -laser-cutting almost anything. They cut my headboard in a shape I designed from plywood that I then painted. (To read more about Cut Laser Cut and the services they offer).


I love Ancient Greece and Rome and always try to cram in a bit of something Neoclassical, Empire Style, or Classical-inspired whenever I can. Hence the headboard painted in the colours of an Attic vase. The laurel wreath corona I painted, and adapted slightly by gluing a shell in place of what was in the centre. The cast-resin wall lights add a bonkers Venetian touch. The throw on the bed is from Lexington.

On the wall facing the window is a Japanese screen, found at auction. It ties together the reds and greens in the room. The mid-century G-Plan chest of drawers was from a junk shop, as was the Regency-style chair, which I painted and plan on covering with a red and white ikat fabric when I have the time.