DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress Review – Everything You Need to Know!

DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress Review – Everything You Need to Know!

October 14, 2019 0 By Jason

Hybrid mattresses are widely regarded as the best of the best when it comes to comfort and support – though not all mattresses are created equal, case in point, the new DreamCloud hybrid. If you’re curious about how sleeping on a cloud feels like, DreamCloud comes pretty close. With a thickness of 15 inches housing up to 8 layers of high-quality material, it’s the very definition of dreamy comfort. But despite what critics and fanatics say, the decision and final verdict come down to you.

Are you considering buying a luxury hybrid bed? Could the DreamCloud mattress be what you’ve been looking for? We understand that the Internet contains a truckload of DreamCloud reviews with scattered information that’s not user-friendly to the average consumer. This is why we have simplified our review into core sections that would influence your purchase decision.

We’ll review the DreamCloud hybrid mattress based on the Quality of Materials and its Performance to help you decide whether it serves your individual sleeping needs.

PART A: Quality of Material – What’s Under the Hood?

The DreamCloud mattress differentiates itself from competitors with a staggering eight-layer construction, designed to give you a
feeling of weightlessness – i.e., floating on clouds. As a luxury mattress, DreamCloud claims to use only the highest quality material, all blended in a 15-inch tower of comfort. Each of the layers plays a crucial part in the overall performance of the hybrid mattress, and they can be categorized into three sections based on their functionality.

The Cover Material

The DreamCloud hybrid mattress features a super-soft cashmere blend cover that’s definitely attractive to the eye. It gives the mattress an aesthetically appealing look and high-end feel. The cover is made from an intricate process known as hand-tufting, whereby artisan tailors take up to 2 hours to add detail and connect the bottom to the top. The outcome is a classy-looking cover designed for durability.

Unfortunately, the cashmere blend cover is not removable. This might be a let down to users who prefer to wash their mattress covers once in a while. Luckily, the manufacturer offers professional cleaning after a year of usage or refurbishment after 5 years – all on request. In the meantime, you can use a removable mattress protector to reduce wear and tear.

The Comfort Material

Under this category, we have three layers including gel-infused memory foam (1 cm thick), quilted memory foam (2.5 cm), and natural latex (1 cm) – making up a Euro Top layer. The first two layers of memory foam work to help regulate temperature and facilitate added comfort. The natural latex layer compliments them by adding some bounce to the mattress. The DreamCloud hybrid mattress goes a step further by reinforcing the sidewalls for improved edge support. Does the Euro top walk the talk regarding its touted ability to keep the bed cool and comfortable with edge support? Read on for our unbiased review of its hands-on performance.

The Support Material

Regardless of the magnificence of a structure, it’s stability all comes down to the foundation. The foundation of the DreamCloud hybrid mattress is comprised of 4 layers including supporting memory foam (5 cm), super-dense memory form (1.5 cm), pocketed coils (20 cm), and high-density memory foam (4 cm).

The 5-centimeter layer of supporting memory foam and the super-dense memory foam focus on contouring support and back alignment, respectively. They are designed to cradle your spine and keep your back alignment properly.

If you’re wondering where the massive size and weight of the bed come from, the culprits are pocketed BestRest coils (patent pending). This 20-centimeter layer is made up of a micro coil compression system encased by foam – offering a firmer-than-average construct. But perhaps the most impressive part of the BestRest coil unit is its zoning technique.

DreamCloud incorporates five support zones to support different parts of your body (head to toe) according to their weight. This facilitates improved support and sinkage to accommodate different body types. The pocketed coils, and basically the entire mattress lies on a relatively thick layer of high-density foam to cap off the impressive combination of latex, memory foam, and coils – the very definition of a true hybrid mattress.

PART B: DreamCloud Mattress Performance – Does it Walk the Talk?

The DreamCloud hybrid mattress sounds dreamy, right? As much as we’d like to take the company for their word, we prefer some hands-on proof to back the bold claims. Does the DreamCloud live up to its hype? Or is it just another hybrid mattress?

In the second part of our review, we aim to rate the new DreamCloud hybrid mattress based on its value for your hard-earned money, support, heat reduction, motion transfer, edge support, durability, and even its eco-friendliness – because we all like to sleep knowing we’re safe and our planet is safe.


Size Dimensions (inches) Price (w/o discount)
Twin 39” x 75” x 15” $499
Twin XL 39” x 80” x 15” $699
Full 54” x 75” x 15” $899
Queen 60” x 80” x 15” $999
King 76” x 80” x 15” $1,199
Cali King 72” x 84” x 15” $1,199

We choose to start our performance review with the price of the DreamCloud mattress because it’s one of the main selling points advertised by the company – and it’s also a crucial determinant of your purchase decision. Although the high-quality material under the hood of the DreamCloud points to high-end customers, no one likes to break the bank unnecessarily. So, does the mattress offer “the best sleep money can buy” as boldly stated by the company?

Now to the figures! DreamCloud offers six options of their hybrid luxury mattress, all with different prices and dimensions (width and length). If you’re strapped for cash, but you want to experience the feeling of sleeping on a cloud, you can buy a Twin size DreamCloud mattress for as low as $499. And if you want to experience loyalty like the king/queen you are, the Cali King retails at $1,199.

What do we think about the pricing of the DreamCloud hybrid mattress? Frankly, it’s one of the most competitive prices you’ll find in the market, especially based on the quality of materials used. Don’t be surprised to find a comparable product going for $5,000, or more. But why such low prices? Is there a hidden catch?

According to the company, the low prices are attributed to cost-cutting by eliminating intermediaries, in-store salesperson, and fancy showrooms. However, we dug a little deeper and discovered that the mattresses are actually made in China and shipped to fulfillment centers. While this is not necessarily a red flag, it allows savings on production costs – which are passed down to the consumer. For our rating, the pricing of the DreamCloud mattresses earned our approval (more like we were impressed).

The online vendor accepts most payment methods, and they even offer financing through Affirm (with or without interest and down payment). Regular shipping is free, but if you opt to have a team deliver and set up the mattress, you’ll have to part with an additional $149.


The price sounds okay, but what about the feel of the mattress? As discussed in PART A, the DreamCloud mattress relies on Euro top for comfort, and the high-density foam and BestRest coil system for support. So how do they hold in a practical scenario?

We noticed that the DreamCloud does a pretty good job as far as comfort and pressure relief are concerned. The cashmere cover, gel-infused and quilted memory foam allow for contours. The mattress has the weightless feel you’d expect from sleeping on a dreamy cloud. This is especially ideal for side sleepers who fear aching hips and numb arms.

But it’s not all rainbows and butterflies for everyone. If you love the sinking feeling of conventional memory foam, this is not the mattress for you – the firmness might put you off. Regarding whether the comfort level receives a thumbs up or thumbs down, the answer is relative to your sleeping style and body type.

Support and Firmness

DreamCloud went for medium firmness (roughly 5.5), which seems to be a tactic towards appealing to the highest number of sleepers – i.e., a more extensive consumer base. It shines brightly as far as support is concerned thanks to the innovative design of zoned micro coils and high-density foam. The mattress can comfortably support the weight of heavier people and leave them well-rested in the morning.

The only drawback is that DreamCloud doesn’t give you the option to select your preferred firmness level – a feature provided by other comparable brands. Lighter people might also not enjoy the full potential of DreamCloud’s innovative layers due to the firmness. But based on our experience with the mattress, DreamCloud is like an elephant with regards to comfort and support – i.e., gentle yet strong.

Motion Transfer

Coils are not the best option when it comes to motion transfer reduction – you know that we know that, and everyone knows that! What does this mean for the DreamCloud mattress with its elaborate structure of pocketed micro coils?

While it’s tempting to give the mattress a thumbs down regarding motion transfer, the company has made commendable efforts to ease our concerns. In particular, the DreamCloud features layers-on-layers of memory foam above the coils to absorb motions.

Additionally, each coil is encased in foam (hence the term ‘pocketed’) to ensure pressure on one area does not transfer to the other coils.

While there are other mattresses in the market that might offer better motion transfer reduction, the DreamCloud hybrid is impressive nonetheless. You can rest assured that you’ll sleep peacefully with minimal disturbance from your sleeping partner. Don’t let your partner pull you from your magical dream every time they go to the washrooms, buy DreamCloud.

Heat Reduction

How breathable is the DreamCloud mattress? The same way coils are infamous for their motion transfer; memory foam is notorious for poor heat transfer. DreamCloud addresses our concerns through the latex layers and coil units that are quite breathable.

The gel-memory and cashmere blend cover are also surprisingly efficient at dissipating heat rapidly. These features allow for a comfortable, dry, and cool sleep experience. In a nutshell, the DreamCloud hybrid mattress earns our seal of approval – its heat reduction capabilities are good both on paper and in a practical setting.

Edge Support

Where do you sit or lay on your bed? If the answer is ‘on the edge,’ then it’s advisable to look for a mattress that offers excellent edge support. This is especially important for heavy people or users with mobility issues, who might struggle to transition from the bed. So, where does the DreamCloud hybrid mattress rank? We give it an average score – good but not impressive.

The pocketed coil system and the reinforced side walls facilitate the mattress’s decent edge support system. Although the edge support is better than traditional form mattresses, it falls short of innerspring units. As for the height of the DreamCloud mattress, 15 inches mean that you don’t have to bend too much as you transition out of bed. However, it might not be the best option for motorized or adjustable bed frames.

Eco-Friendliness and Off-Gassing

With verification from more than 5 rating groups, including CertiPUR-US certification, the DreamCloud is quite friendly to mother nature. The mattress is free from heavy metals, chemicals such as formaldehyde, and harmful gases. The company also uses some natural materials in the cashmere and latex layers.

Regarding off-gassing, the DreamCloud mattress is actually safer than most mattresses. Why so? The manufacturer uses vegetable oils rather than petroleum oils for their memory foam. However, you’ll notice that the bed has the typical ‘new bed smell’ – though it’s not really an issue since you know…the mattress is new. Either way, we noticed that the smell dissipates rather quickly after a few days of use.

Durability and Warranty

To part with $1,199 for the Cali king, you would not expect anything less than a long-term bedtime solution. Although it’s not practical for us to test the durability of the mattress in a practical setting (unless you’re willing to revisit this post 5 years later), the DreamCloud mattress gives us a few reasons to trust their promise.

The luxury hybrid mattress boasts of a sturdy coil system, high-density memory foam, natural latex, and intricate double-tufting to withstand wear and tear. If you’re heavier than average and dread dents on your mattress after a few months of usage, you’ll be relieved to learn that the DreamCloud is designed to withstand high pressure.

The company is so sure about their product that they are offering a 365 nights trial period. As if that’s not bold enough, you enjoy a lifetime warranty. If this is not the ultimate show of confidence in the durability of the DreamCloud hybrid luxury mattress, we don’t know what is.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a luxury hybrid mattress that offers great value for its high-end material, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a product better than the DreamCloud mattress. It’s also a perfect fit for users who like to sleep cool on a mattress with just the right combo of pressure relief and support.

Although the mattress is designed for all types of sleepers and body sizes, heavy stomach sleepers might experience some slight discomfort. As for couples, you will appreciate the edge support, motion transfer reduction, and bounce (if you know what we mean *winks*).

Simply put, DreamCloud is constructed like a true hybrid. It offers the best of both worlds (coils and memory foam) with none of the setbacks. Our final verdict is a resounding thumbs up to DreamCloud for raising the standards for online mattress companies and retailers. What is your take on the luxury mattress? Does it meet your sleeping needs?