Weekend Links :: Friends, Family & Hometown Edition

Weekend Links :: Friends, Family & Hometown Edition

August 11, 2017 0 By Marta

Edie from Life in Grace , author of All the Pretty Things is coming to my house next/this week. It’s basically a grown-up play date!

I am SO excited about her visit, we are going to be old ladies together and wake up early and go to bed early and wear comfy pants and laugh and I’ve been wanting to ask her 10 million questions about essential oils because I don’t understand things. So, we decided to bring you in on it and host a little honky-tonk webinar here at my house together!! Also we think webinars are fun because #nerds.

Want to join us? Sign up here.


A film debuted at the Sundance Film Festival about my quirky home town, Columbus, Indiana and it’s getting great reviews…


…Emily & I grew up surrounded by buildings designed by architects whose importance I didn’t realize until I went to design school, heard their names, then went back to visit my hometown and realized that famous architects built all of those weird buildings that were the backdrop to our childhood. Our parks, churches, schools, public libraries, post office, weird sculptures, even the ice skating rink were all there on purpose and commissioned.

Even our elementary school was in on the fun, it had no stairs, just brightly colored ramps!



It’s so interesting to know our hometown is featured in a film like this, and also sad that I didn’t realize how unique the place was where we grew up, until I grew up and paid attention.

And then I read this quote from the man who made it all happen…


And I realized the point of all this wasn’t so the kids or adults would be impressed or able to rattle off the names of the architects of all the buildings. It was just a belief that good design can have a positive impact on people. That paying attention to beauty has value. They were taking the time to build all these buildings anyway, why not make them amazing?


Ten favorite places in Columbus, including the birth of the conversation pit!

My sister, Emily has one of the most visually lovely instagram accounts –featuring every day life beautifully, and when she played this song (click the image to play) it sealed the deal for me to purchase the La La Land soundtrack. Have you seen it yet?


A review of La La Land


Lisa-Jo recorded a new class at my house — you’re gonna love it!


Our friend Jamin Goggin wrote a book with Kyle Strobel–it’s the first book we pre-ordered this year (pre-ordering says so much about what you are looking forward to!) get your highlighters and washi tape ready for this one!


a little peek at our bathroom renovation… see you next week!