10 Ways to Create More Visual Space

10 Ways to Create More Visual Space

November 21, 2018 0 By Marta

1.Tricks That Maximize Your Space in a Major Way


Small space living has gotten super popular in recent years. Some people are choosing it to live more minimally in an effort to reduce stress and maximize peace, while others simply like the cute and cozy vibe. Of course, there are also plenty of us who have no choice–the struggle of high housing costs, especially in big cities, is real, y’all.

No matter your reasons for where you live, if your nest is of the tiny variety, we have great news: There are plenty of incredibly easy things you can do to create more visual space and make your abode appear a whole lot bigger than it actually is. And there’s no wizardry or witchcraft involved–just a few tiny tips that’ll make a big difference.

2.Love on Lucite


Lucite is a trending home decor material we’re seeing everywhere this season. And it also happens to be your best friend when it comes to opening up your space.

Opting for lucite chairs or a coffee table will prevent these pieces of furniture from obstructing your view when you look around the room, giving the illusion of more space while improving your room’s overall flow.

3.Low Furniture


Big ol’ furniture is a surefire way to create a cramped vibe in tight quarters, so your best bet is to avoid it at all costs.

Instead of large clunky items, opt for pieces of furniture that are low to the ground. This will keep the sightline of your look lower, and make your ceilings appear much taller.



If you’re starting to notice a trend when it comes to your furniture’s ability to create more visual space, pat yourself on the back because the right furniture is your secret weapon when it comes to space maximization.

Choosing mid-century modern furniture with long legs and pared-back designs will instantly open up your look. Rather than furniture that will block your view, mid-century pieces allow your vision to flow in and around it with a lot more ease. Plus, it’s super cute and trendy.



Mirrors are an easy and relatively inexpensive way to totally transform the visual space that you’re working with, no matter your square footage.

A good mirror essentially functions in much the same way that windows do, making rooms look bigger, lighter and more open–so, use ‘em with abandon! Also keep in mind that, generally speaking, the bigger the mirror, the bigger your space will appear.

6.Window-Facing Couch


When you and your guests are hanging on a couch that faces the wall, your space can feel all kinds of claustrophobic.

Instead, make sure your primary piece of furniture is facing a window ideally, or a mirror if your home is short on windows. This will expand your design’s sightline and make your space feel a lot more open and airy.

7.High Curtain Rods


This little trick goes a long way and it couldn’t be simpler to execute, which is why it’s one of our very favorites.

Rather than place your curtain rods directly above your windows, install them close to the ceiling. It’ll make your entire space look more grand and your ceilings appear higher. But be sure to keep your curtains light and flowy so as not to weigh down your aesthetic.

8.Invisible Shelves


This is another easy peasy trick that’ll make a big impact on your overall look.

Invisible shelves are a simple and economical way to maximize your storage and decor essentials without crowding and cluttering your visuals.

9.Corner Couch


The corners of your abode are bursting with space-optimizing potential.

Investing in a corner couch is a total game-changer because it will free up loads of visual *and* literal space. In other words, there’s pretty much every reason to make it happen.

10.Add Lots of Light


Add light, light and more light! We mean it when we say you truly can’t have enough light, be it natural or artificial.

Even if you’re not fortunate enough to have a lot of sunshine spilling through your windows, adding artificial lighting in the form of minimal pendants and modern chandeliers will work wonders in creating a bolder and brighter vibe.

11.Get Organized


Last, but most certainly not least, if your space isn’t as organized as it can possibly be, get it there.

This is particularly important when it comes to any open-shelving you have (like the invisible shelves we mentioned earlier). Ensuring that your items are displayed in a neat and organized manner will transform them from overbearing clutter to satisfying decor.