DIY Polyhedra and Friends

DIY Polyhedra and Friends

August 21, 2018 0 By Marta

The other day I gasped as my boys walked out of their science class. They were holding what I later learned was a polyhedra.


I had always called it that cool shapey, faceted thing I’ve had on my table for over a year. Now my boys were walking out each carrying one of these wonderful things. They said it was easy and fun to make. What?! How?!…


Here’s how to make your own, they used masking tape in their class, seems a little easier. Here’s a better visual.


They were excited to see a larger version at Epcot a few weeks ago.


Once I started googling around I was slightly amazed at what I found. Given enough paper and patience you can make almost anything. How about a garland with templates? Yes, please.


Now I’m slightly obsessed with this pink star, she even has a template but watch out, it can take an hour to create.


Lydia Kasumi Shirreff

Not for the beginner. I now have a huge appreciation for this.


And this wows. Make your own conversation piece via oh happy day


sarah wood

And it all reminds me of the beautiful faceted lighting that’s going around.