Bike Rack Furniture is Perfect for Tiny Apartments and Dorm Rooms

Bike Rack Furniture is Perfect for Tiny Apartments and Dorm Rooms

December 17, 2018 0 By Marta

01.Now You Can Park Your Bike on Your Furniture

It’s a tricky dilemma many city cyclists wrestle with. You love riding your bike outside, but keeping it parked inside your apartment is cramping your style. Well, a new line of bike storage furniture by Chilean designer Manuel Rosell called Chol1 solves this frustrating problem by blending practical bicycle storage with must-have decor items like sofas and bookcases.

02.Bike Storage Furniture: A Double Duty Sofa

Rosell’s eight-piece 2016 collection includes five double duty furniture ideas, which all have a specialized slot that holds your bicycle. A personal favorite is the S1LLÓN sofa made of plywood pine.

03.Bike Storage Furniture: Space-Saving Parking


While the front of the sofa is all about compact comfort, the narrow ledge in the back is all about space-saving parking.

04.Bike Storage Furniture: A Double Duty Console


The BUFF3T bike rack provides urban dwellers who are trying to make the most of their small living spaces with three practical storage compartments.

05.Bike Storage Furniture: A Double Duty Desk


The DE5K is a workstation with a compact footprint that keeps your bike within easy reach.

06.Bike Storage Furniture: A Double Duty Bookcase


If you’re starved for storage space, the Snuggled is a bike rack that doubles as a generously sized bookcase. Another win-win, it will store your ride at a height that makes routine cleaning and maintenance easier.

07.Bike Storage Furniture: A Beautiful Bicycle Display


The Zen is the perfect solution for small space dwellers who want to get their bikes off the floor without having to install a wall-mounted bicycle rack.

08.Bike Storage Furniture: A Compact Solution for Cramped Entryways


The Angle bike rack can double as useful entryway shoe storage or as a lovely display cabinet for your living room or bedroom.

Currently, this beautiful yet practical collection is available on Manuel Rossel’s site, Chol1. At the moment, shipping to the USA is not available, but we’re hoping Rossel finds a distributor in the states ASAP.