’90s Decor Trends That Are Back in Style

’90s Decor Trends That Are Back in Style

December 27, 2018 0 By Marta

01.Bring Back the ’90s (No, Really)


The ’90s brought us pop music masterminds (you know the names), but when it comes to home décor, the decade was kind of a bust. Tuscan-style everything, frills frills frills (sung in the style of Destiny’s Child), and chintz on every wall. Not to mention blow-up furniture, a staple in every teen girl’s bedroom. It’s no wonder we retreated to the relative calm of the 2000s.

But today’s new homeowners are in their 30s and looking back on their childhood with rose-tinted nostalgia. Suddenly, wicker doesn’t feel so dated — it brings back memories of grandpa. Wooden kitchens like mom’s seem gorgeous after years of all-white cabinets. And brown! Wait. No. Brown still struggles to find a foothold in today’s minimal homes… but there’s some evidence a resurgence is on the horizon.

02.Dreamy Canopy Beds


What’s more dreamy than a gauzy canopy bed? Waking up beneath fluttering white fabric makes every day feel like a beach vacay. Unlike the ’90s, when our canopy beds had ruffles and an excess of fairy lights, today’s varieties are sleek and minimal. Pair this pared-down covering with a crisp, graphic pillow, pristine white sheets, and two-tone artwork. Oh, and if you have a gorgeous view to serve as your room’s focal point, even better, like in this Balinese escape by Fella Villas.

03.Wood Cabinets


All-white kitchens wore us out. This year’s kitchen cabinets take inspiration from their ’90s counterparts— and it turns out letting the wood shine doesn’t have to feel outdated. Take notes from Crown Point, white quartz countertops neutralize the otherwise-harsh effect, and a subway tile backsplash provides timeless-but-modern style. Drop in a 2010s-style oversized island in contrasting colors to keep the eye interested. And what is that we see in the corner? Open shelving? How terribly modern indeed.

04.Wicker and Rattan


Wicker’s status as the uncool uncle of outdoor materials has been cemented for a few decades now, which means the time is very, very ripe for a resurgence. Along with its older brother, rattan, these all-natural (most of the time) materials are sliding into our patios and living rooms and into our hearts. Makes sense, considering how much the late-2010s love their indoor palms and foliage-covered fabrics. Accessorized with vintage finds, these old-school cool pieces feel thoroughly chic. Check out this on trend palm tree covered arm chair on Naturally Cane.

05.Blonde Wood


Dark hardwoods may steal the show, but sometimes you want your floor to play a supporting role. Blonde woods look so good in airy, open-floor houses — it’s a (very confusing) miracle that we avoided them for so long. In the ’90s, we covered these gorgeous planks in enough lacquer to freeze an army of ants, but today’s designers like Craft Floor, let their simple style shine.

06.Fancy Wall Colors


You couldn’t drive down a Midwestern cul-de-sac in 1997 without finding at least one hard-working couple sponge-painting their entire house. And while we’ve given paint sponges a break (sincerely hoping the industry survived), today’s homeowners are turning to a new wall technique, which requires a careful hand with a roller brush… or just the budget for a wallpaper mural. Watercolor is on everything from our tattoos to our notebooks, but it shines best on our walls, as illustrated here by Anewall.

07.Blush Pink and Other Pastels


Everyone knows Millennial pink (also known by its real name, blush) reigned last year. But other pastels are picking up steam in 2018. Expect to see more mint green, lilac, and robin’s-egg blue on Pinterest. There’s nothing saccharine about this updated trend: a light-green wall hung with graphic, black-and-white artwork, black sconces, and a rumpled gray linen duvet merges the best of both decades.

08.Hunter Green


What would the ’90s have been without our best friend, Hunter green (which would also make a fabulous name)? Hot on the heels of the jewel tone trend, emerald green — our generation’s take on the shade — is majorly trending. Considering how well it marries with bronze and gold, it’s no surprise we’re falling in love. Amp up the green effect with overflowing greenery and dark wood, as displayed by Jessica Bringham.

09.Boho Doorway Curtains


Today’s boho-style decor is getting a ’90s upgrade: doorway curtains! Turns out, we missed them. Whether they’re strung with beads or homemade macrame, these unobtrusive dividers are a godsend in our open-floor-plan homes. After cutting out all the doors and combining our kitchen, living room, and dining room into one large space, a little bit of separation can be great. Check out this display featured on A Beautiful Mess.

10.Brown is Back


Brown? Coming back? Say it isn’t so! Truthfully, this shade still looks dated in most applications, but mix a little gray into the paint, trim with white, add dark brown accessories and suddenly — magically — it fits. See this inspiration from West Elm on Instagram. But are we ready for brown to come back into our lives after spending the ’90s so saturated by the color? You might be inclined to yell no in a rather colorful manner. But just wait and see: decor trends have a way of surprising.

11.A New Take on Fringe


Stay with us here. Today’s fringe looks nothing like the chintz-covered, hard-to-iron beasts of the ’90s. Fringe in the 2000s is a delicate affair, more boho tassel and less… ugh. This new trend is a super-easy DIY, too — follow the advice from Craftberry Bush to create your own wall art or make a surprisingly glitzy chandelier with this DIY from Justina Blakeney.