9 Bedroom Organizing Tips to Use Right Now

9 Bedroom Organizing Tips to Use Right Now

December 27, 2018 0 By Marta

When researching bedroom organizing tips, you will usually find a bunch of easier-said-then-done advice that falls into one of these three categories:

  1. Closet organization tips masquerading as bedroom organization tips. (I have a separate list for those below). Your closet is not your entire bedroom.
  2. Ridiculous, like using an old desk as a night table. What? Most peoples’ bedrooms are not large enough to accommodate a desk (!) as a night table. Using a piece of furniture that you also use to do work at as your night table is not great for sleeping. Your bedroom is not for sorting the mail. Unless you live in a tiny apartment and you are forced to organize your space into zones. Even then, I think your work space should be as far away from your sleeping space as possible.
  3. Focus too much on decor and beautiful pictures and not enough on actual tips to organize, declutter and maximize storage space in your bedroom.

These bedroom organizing tips focus on cutting clutter, organizing small spaces so they are streamlined, and creating a serene vibe in your bedroom. The following bedroom organization tips can be applied to bedrooms large and small.

1. Use the space under your bed wisely.

Under the bed storage is great because it is not visible, but still very easily accessible. You can choose to store just a few items under there–I recommend things like gift wrap, or extra linens in an adult bedroom, and books in a children’s bedroom–or you could be strategic and transfer the content of your dresser into rolling bin under the bed to free up space in your bedroom.

Here’s a guide to How to Use Underbed Storage Wisely, and yes, I do incorporate some feng shui tips into this guide.

2. Artwork on walls!

Especially if you have a small bedroom, put your artwork on the wall and not on your dresser, nightstand, or vanity. Keep these spaces clear and your bedroom will have a more streamlined look.

3. Break the room down by major pieces of furniture and organize.

Organize the closet, under the bed (remember: always organize and declutter storage space first), dresser drawers, tops of dressers, night table drawers, tops of night tables, armoires, wardrobes, bookcases, etc.

4. Get your closet under control.

Even if your bedroom is spotless, if your closet is spirally out of control, it will disrupt the calm, serene state of the bedroom.

First things first, tidy up your closet, either by doing a full closet organization, or by doing a quick closet clutter sweep.

5. Consider a blanket rack.

If you have a ton of throws and quilts that you use regularly, and you have the floor space, consider a pretty blanket rack. This will make making the bed, and getting the bed ready at night (“turn down”) easier. You won’t be tempted to just throw everything on the floor.

The best place to find one is an antique or thrift store.

6. Baskets for pillows.

Same goes for throw pillows. While men never do this, women–myself included–like to make the bed as comfortable as possible by employing as many throw pillows as possible. Use baskets to contain these while you’re using the bed, stripping the bed and doing the wash.

7. Maintain a functional but clutter-free night table.

Rather than import a desk, choose a night table that suits your needs while taking up as little space as possible. A small dresser where you can store some clothing is a great space-saving trick that many professional organizers employ with clients who are living in tight quarters. if you don’t have the room for a small dresser, try a slim night table with lots of drawers.

P.S. Here’s How to Quickly Organize Your Night Stand

8. Make sure you have a hamper in your bedroom.

Either in the closet, next to the closet, or near the closet, a hamper will help clothes to stay in the closet and not spill out all over your bedroom.

You can choose one whose look fits your decor, or just use a basic hamper.

9. Finally, a garbage pail or trash bin.

Again, locate a small attractive garbage pail to keep in the bedroom. Look specifically for a pail because a big bin won’t work, but you do need a spot to throw tissues, scraps of paper and all the other small pieces of trash that make their way into your bedroom.