Nectar Mattress Review

Nectar Mattress Review

September 23, 2019 0 By Jason

When it comes to getting an amazing mattress worth its value for money, then look no further than the Nectar Mattress. Such is the uniqueness of the mattress that customers continually praise it for its quality, value, and comfort.

The popularity of the nectar brand has grown so much, that the demand for the mattresses has outgrown the supply. This has brought about a long duration between purchasing and final delivery of the mattresses.

Most customers claim that the mattress is the most comfortable they’ve slept on

Risk-free trial of 365 night accompanied by free shipping and returns. The company implements a full refund policy when the mattress is returned.

The Complete Nectar Mattress Review

For those who are in haste and just want to feast their eyes on the essential points, you can head over to the bottom of this review to catch the review summary of the product. However, it is better to go through the entire review so that you can get a bird’s-eye view of the Nectar Mattress.

For our readers who want a mattress that provides a cool surface for sleeping, offers a medium feel, and manufactured by a reliable mattress company, need to look no further than the Nectar Mattress. The mattress comes with the highly sought-after adaptive Hi Core memory foam technology, and not just that, it comes with a pocket-friendly price.

The combination of all of the points mentioned above, along with a 365-day trial, and an inexhaustible warranty, you get a comfortable sleeping surface, that gives you an aura of peace, and relaxation.

Supportive Light Contouring Hug

The design of the Nectar Mattress means that along with comfort, it is also designed to offer support and pressure relief to users. Four foam layers ensure you get the adequate support and comfort that you require.

A thin slab of quilted memory foam makes the first foam layer. The quilt and porosity of this layer combine to give you a proper air circulation and reduce the accumulation of heat. It also contours remarkable well. This first layer is the first part of the mattress that exhibits the excellent pressure relieving elements the Nectar Mattress is known for.

A thicker gel memory foam layer makes up the second layer of the mattress. It is designed with a temperature-regulation gel to ensure you have a cool surface to sleep. When the first layer of the mattress collects the heat, the gel memory foam layer helps to transfer the heat to the rest of the mattress. This layer also comes with reinforced pressure relief, and it helps to distribute your weight all through the mattress evenly.

The adaptive HI Core Memory Foam makes up the third layer. This layer forms the adaptive feature of the mattress, and in response to your body weight, it responds with just the right level of support and response. This layer is what ensures you don’t sink too much on the surface, and it also provides the mattress with its bounce.

The dense foam layer makes up the last layer, and it is usually considered by many as the foundational structure of the mattress as it holds the other parts of the mattress in place. This layer provides increased airflow and enhanced stability which means that your back will be in alignment when you sleep, and also cool as well.

The combination of each of these four responsive layers means the Nectar provides a great sleeping surface for most sleepers. While the upper layer takes the shape of your body, the other layers provide support and pressure relief. With this, you can fall asleep much faster and stay asleep for a more extended period.

A breathable soft cover wraps around the entire mattress. This soft cover is resistant to bed bugs, and it comes with its own temperature-regulation.

Perfectly firm

One a firmness scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being too soft, and 10 being too firm, Nectar Mattress has a firmness score of 5.5 to 7.5, in other words, it is not too firm, or too soft, it is rightly balanced.

The average firmness score exhibited by the mattress is ideal for your back, as it keeps it in perfect alignment while keeping the spine straight, and offering pressure relief. The first time you sleep on the mattress, it comes out as soft, but after some time, you will start to feel the firmness. It has to be said that different body sizes will react differently to the firmness of the bed. While the mattress might appear soft to someone who is a bit light, the bed might appear firm to someone who is bulky.

The sleeping surface made for all kinds of sleepers

The way the Nectar is built means it is ideal for different types of sleepers.

Stomach sleepers will love the fact that the Nectar provides a surface that doesn’t only provide comfort, it also provides pressure relief in the stomach and chest. It also means that when you sleep, your back will maintain a straight position. Most stomach sleepers usually prefer a firm surface, as it prevents the hips from sinking into the bed. The Nectar provides a firm enough surface that meets with all of your requirements and specifications.

The contouring upper layers of the Nectar is ideal for side sleepers. It offers lots of pressure relief, and also the perfect back alignment. The firmness of the surface means there is no sinking or sagging, so your spine is not at risk of bending.

Back sleepers will also love the fact that the Nectar contours around the body perfectly, while also providing the necessary support that you require.

A yearlong risk-free trial period

Nectar offers an amazing trial period that will leave you impressed. The mattress comes with a one-year money back guarantee, that means you can use it for a complete year before you decide on whether or not you will purchase the product. What this shows is that Nectar holds nothing back in giving you maximum satisfaction. There are not so many mattress companies in the world today that offers such extensive trial periods.

If during the course of using the mattress you end up dissatisfied with the mattress, you can contact Nectar and return the mattress. At the end of the day, you will get a complete refund.

Very long warranty period

Not only does the Nectar Mattress comes with one of the most extended trial periods you will find in the mattress industry, but it also offers one of the longest warranties you will find anywhere. We can’t put a number of how long the warranty is because it is infinity. If you notice that your mattress has a manufacturers defect, you can get a replacement or repair free of charge. The company will handle all expenses including shipping.

The company also offers customers a “Choice Option.” This option offers a 50% discount on any new mattress for customers who have had their Nectar Mattress for a minimum of 10 years and are looking to purchase another one. This is an amazing option for folks who want to get their hands on a newer model of mattress for their home, while still keeping the old one.

The quality of the Nectar Mattress is topnotch. The mattress is designed from the finest materials available. With the Nectar Mattress, you get a quality mattress at a pocket-friendly price. Quality, durability, and functionality are some of the characteristics that are peculiar to the Nectar Mattress.

Nectar is safe for you, your family, and the environment. It is made from tested and safe materials. There are no heavy chemicals, or metals utilized during the manufacturing of the mattress. The bed comes with a CertiPur-US certification, which signifies that the mattress is free from any toxic chemicals or materials that might harm you or the environment.

Use your own foundation or get one from Nectar

You can use a different array of bases for your Nectar Mattress. The base should be flat and at the same time sturdy. It is recommended that you utilize a platform frame or any other structure that offers a flat surface. Note that a base with wide openings can make your mattress sag, and this doesn’t just affect your comfort when you sleep, it can also void your warranty.

You can also lay your mattress on the floor, but this is not usually recommended as this might affect the breathability and cooling of the mattress, and it might also lead to the accumulation of germs and fungus on the base of mattress. Although the bed comes with a bed bug resistant cover, accumulation of dirt and fungus can diminish its longevity.

Nectar provides a foundation for those who don’t already have one. The foundation works exceptionally well with the Nectar Mattress, and it comes with a lifetime warranty as well. The foundation is easy to set up, affordable, and shipped free. You can purchase the foundation directly with your mattress from the Nectar’s website.

The luxury mattress at an affordable price

The Nectar Mattress is highly recommended to people who want a luxury mattress but are on a budget. Nectar offers an attractive pricing system that makes their products affordable. They sell directly from the factory, and that means they do not utilize any middlemen for the sale of their products.

Some of the fantastic qualities of this top-quality bed include:

  • Top quality materials, and ensures you get value for your money
  • An extremely long trial period, and an amazing lifetime warranty
  • Durable mattress, guaranteed to serve you for a long time
  • A responsive mattress that offers the right level of firmness, and springiness.

Nectar is the right fit for people who require a responsive bed with the right level of firmness and support. It is designed with premium materials, and it is available at a pocket-friendly price. We recommend the Nectar mattress to anyone in need of an affordable medium-firm foam bed, with amazing qualities.

Free shipping with a waiting period

Nectar offers free shipping in the US. Customers staying in Hawaii or Alaska would have to offset part of the shipping cost, but Nectar absorbs most of the shipping fee, and ensure it is still pocket friendly for you. Should there be a need for you to return the mattress, the company handles the shipping fee.

Because of the excessive demand for the product, there is usually a waiting period between purchasing and final delivery of the mattress.

This little delay has not gone too well with most customers. But in hindsight, the company always displays any waiting period on their website to inform customers of the potential delay before any order is placed. You can contact customer care to know the status of your order.

Nectar is always punctual with their delivery time. The mattress usually arrives at your doorsteps on the stipulated date on the order page. Nectar Mattress is like your traditional “mattress in a box,” so it arrives in a compact container.

The setting-up process is completely easy and straightforward. Ensure your bed platform is well arranged, and you simply unroll the bed on the platform. This will only take a couple of minutes. After that, all you have to do is wait for the be to take its final shape (this usually takes a few hours). You can sleep on the bed on the same day it arrives. Over the course of the coming days, the bed will continue to absorb air, and adjust its shape accordingly.

You don’t have to worry about any off-gassing or weird smells from the bed. It is entirely safe, to utilize on the bed first night.

Simply order from your home

Ordering the Nectar Mattress is a straightforward process. Just head over to the company’s website, select your bed size, and you are good to go. The payment process is fast and secure, leaving you with zero-worries. Your entire financial information is encrypted. Should you have any issues with your payments, you can get in touch with the customer care representatives.

You can also pay for your mattress in installments. Nectar offers financing for six months. Nectar doesn’t employ interest payments or third-party payments or credit checks. The company helps you set up a payment plan and makes the entire financing process easy for you.

A top quality mattress designed to give you fantastic value

The Nectar Mattress gives you complete value for money. It is a high-quality bed, made with top quality materials and available at pocket-friendly prices.

Nectar operates on a strict company to customer business model, that means they do not utilize any middlemen for the sale of their products. This policy helps to cut down the price of their products considerably.

Along with the one-year trial period, you also get a lifetime warranty. When you add that to the “Choice Option” the company gives you, what you get is a product of extreme value. It is difficult to find a mattress company that offers the same value for money that Nectar provides.

As an extra touch of value, Nectar provides you with two complementary pillows when you purchase a mattress. The pillows also come in top quality, and durability. Most customers are really pleased with the pillows.

The ideal sleeping surface for couples

Couples who want the extra bounce and springiness for extracurricular fun activities on the bed will love what Nectar provides.

One of the common demerits you will hear most customer mention about memory foams is the fact that they don’t provide enough spring back. Nectar is not like your typical memory foam; although it provides the same silence and stability you will want in memory foam, the responsive Adaptive HI Core layer provides the required bounce and spring-back.

The adaptive layer ensures you can easily move around on the surface without any difficulty, and also it prevents you from getting rooted to a particular spot on the bed.

Edge support is another important factor that comes into consideration, and it is no surprise that the Nectar excels in this area as well. You will most likely experience some form of compression on the edges of the mattress, but don’t worry, the mattress is built in such a way that you won’t fall off with your partner. The Nectar scores an above average mark in edge support when compared with other mattresses.

Responsive customer service

A responsive customer service always puts you at ease, and this is what the Nectar’s customer service offers you. You can easily contact them either via mail or via a phone call, and they will respond immediately. You can also get in touch with a customer care representative via the company’s website.

Nectar is very easy to work with when it comes to returns. You can easily contact them via the stipulated outlets above, and you will get an immediate response. Pickup arrangements and other logistics are easily arranged, and it takes about 2-3 days for you to get your refund.

Summary of Nectar Mattress Review

Comfort Rating of Mattress

  • The balanced level of firmness that is not too firm or soft
  • Offers a cool surface to sleep on while providing the right level of support
  • Customers all agree that it is an extremely comfortable mattress to sleep on

Value for money and Trial Period

  • Lifetime warranty guaranteed to last forever
  • One year risk-free trial: Best trial periods in the industry
  • Value for money is guaranteed, you get tremendous quality at affordable price.

Overall Rating 4.7/5